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Books to blood
SKU: 9780645392913

Local businessman found murdered. Whodunnit? Betting pools are now open  

The town’s favourite, and only, bookstore owner has stumbled across the body and bets are on as to who knocked him off.
Whoever they are, they seem to think they can improve the odds by taking out Greer. Does she know something she isn’t saying?
And what about this new Inspector Alba Mauzer? Her colleagues aren’t fans, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s all that coffee running through her veins? Better get to it Inspector; word on the street is that the Superintendent isn’t happy.
Okay, folks, don’t miss out. Get your bets on now for Lakes End’s very own murder mystery.

Books to blood is a small-town murder mystery perfect for fans of Richard Osman (The Thursday Murder Club), Vicky Delany (In the Shadow of the Glacier) and Rachel McLean (Deadly Wishes).
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Volt's Command
SKU: 978-0-6453929-2-0

Nothing stays static for long.

In a world where everyone can channel supercharged energy, its people are struggling to find their balance. However, for Morgan, every day is the same. Get out of bed, go to work, stare at the wall, make bad choices and dream.

Blackmailed into tracking down a missing scholar, Morgan navigates death threats, conspiracies and annoying sidekicks. If she survives, she just might escape without making it worse ... like last time.


Warning: This urban fantasy explores a world where plants, who are serious gossips by the way, are sentient, and contains humour, friendship, mystery and adventure.

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