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A Mysterious Death of an ​Illuminator

The party was over.

In a world where art is power, the greatest illuminator of all time, ​Marcellus Overton has met an untimely demise, leaving his assistant, ​Ancilla Walstrand, with all eyes on her.

Enter Prime Inspector Beaumont, a man who no longer allows murder to ​spoil his appetite, but standing between him and his next cup of tea is a ​gallery of unhelpful suspects. His partner, Inspector Lavina Hoadley takes ​murder seriously. With a sharp mind and little tolerance for fools, she ​navigates the sea of ineptitude surrounding her, determined to bring the ​right person to justice.

Meanwhile, Ancilla stumbles from one bad decision to another. Will she risk ​it all for a chance to be free? Or are there some prices too steep to pay?

In this riveting steampunk mystery, the line between art and deception ​blurs, and power becomes a tempting prize. Will they unveil everyone's ​secrets, or will they be consumed by the darkness that surrounds them?

Join in the investigation where fates hang by a thread, and a perpetual cup ​of tea may be the ultimate reward.

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Books to Blood

A dead body, a career threatened and a life in danger is not something even ​coffee can solve.

Greer Roberts is living her best life with her cat Miles for company and ​running her bookstore with the help of her seventy-year-old assistant in ​a picturesque small town called Lakes End. Her dream starts unravelling ​when she discovers the body of a local business owner on her way to work ​on a wintery Monday morning.

Inspector Alba Mauzer, Lakes End’s newest resident and in charge of the ​first murder the town has seen in twenty years, struggles to trust her ​inexperienced colleagues and a disinterested partner.

Working together, they try to unravel the tangle of relationships within a ​small town with overly helpful neighbours, donuts and coffee to assist ​them.

Warning: Alba feels the need to use mature language.

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Volt’s Command

My name's Morgan Anatasi, and it was not my fault, not completely.

Stuck in supervision by the same Preservation Service that dragged ​me back to city life, it didn’t look like I was getting out of Duskburn ​any time soon. Of course, it didn’t help that I was being blackmailed ​by a teenager to find her missing Scholar, the local gang wants to ​maim me, and I can’t seem to ditch my annoying housemate. Oh, and ​did I mention my death sentences?

Still, I might survive and find a way back to my mountainside and ​best friend, as long as I don’t make it any worse .... again.

Warning: This urban fantasy explores a world where plants, who are ​serious gossips by the way, are sentient, and contains humour, ​friendship, mystery and adventure.

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