The Mysterious Death of an Illuminator

The mysterious death of an illuminator

The mysterious death of an illuminator
A steampunk murder mystery
Published by SHB Books
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The party was over. 

In a world where art is power, the greatest illuminator of all time, Marcellus Overton has met an untimely demise, leaving his assistant, Ancilla Walstrand, with all eyes on her. 

Enter Prime Inspector Beaumont, a man who no longer allows murder to spoil his appetite,  but standing between him and his next cup of tea is a gallery of unhelpful suspects. 

His partner, Inspector Lavina Hoadley takes murder seriously. With a sharp mind and little tolerance for fools, she navigates the sea of ineptitude surrounding her, determined to bring the right person to justice. 

Meanwhile, Ancilla stumbles from one bad decision to another. Will she risk it all for a chance to be free? Or are there some prices too steep to pay? 

In this riveting steampunk mystery, the line between art and deception blurs, and power becomes a tempting prize. Will they unveil everyone's secrets, or will they be consumed by the darkness that surrounds them?  

Join in the investigation where fates hang by a thread, and a perpetual cup of tea may be the ultimate reward.